Best Video Editing Software for Laptops 2020

Hi Friends, In this article, I am going to show you how to use the best video editing software for laptops available for non-editing experts. Creating a video in minutes from the comfort of your home is possible by using Wondershare Video Editor.

This software was designed for the video editing novice to make it as simple as possible to create professional-looking videos. The software works great with video shot on any digital camera, camcorder or mobile device and in either standard or high definition format.

The software comes with dozens of cool features such as Hollywood style effects, filters, transitions and more. Trimming, cropping and splitting is simple with its intuitive interface and you can share your video on YouTube, Facebook or your iPhone with one click of the button.

Best Video Editing Software for Laptops
Best Video Editing Software for Laptops

Best Video Editing Software for Laptops

I am going to show you just a few of the features right now. To get started, click the link in the description box below to visit the website now click on the ‘Download Now’ button. On the next screen, select either Windows or Mac and then click the ‘Try it free’ button. The software will begin to download automatically. Once downloaded, follow the installation instructions.

Here is the software. First, you need to select either the 16×9 or 4×3 screen resolution format and whether you want to choose from several pre-made video templates to use in easy mode or access the full feature mode editor for complete customization.

For this video, we will select the 4×3 screen resolution and make use of the full feature mode. Here is the main interface. First, you’ll need to import video or record video using your computer webcam by selecting either the ‘Import’ or ‘Record’ buttons here in the top left hand corner. Once you import the video, you can preview it on the right preview window. Now drag the video onto the video timeline.

Here on the timeline, there are many ways to perform simple edits once the video is there. Selecting the Edits tab, you can edit the contrast, brightness and hue of the video as well as adjusting the video speed. Feel free to rotate the video if you need to. You can split and trim the video into different parts by selecting a point on the timeline and clicking the scissor icon then select the part of the clip you don’t want and press ‘Delete’.

Video Editor for Youtube
Best Video Editing Software for Laptops

Apply the flash and hold feature to freeze and zoom in on a specific part of the video. To add text on to the clip, click the text tab and then select the style of text you want to use in the video and drag it into the timeline. Now, double click on the text clip and add text to the video. Click on the Effect tab to apply a filter to your video. Here, there are dozens of different filters to choose from.

Just drag the effect of your choice to the timeline. With the transitions option, you can choose from 50 unique transitions to artfully switch from one scene to the next. Give your video a title or credit screen with ease by clicking on the intro credit tab. Drag the style you want to use to the timeline and then double-click the text clip to type in your text. Adding a piece of music to your custom video project is as easy as selecting the import button once again here in the media tab to import a piece of music of your choice. Once imported, drag the music file to the timeline and adjust it to your video needs.

You can also add in additional sound effects like bells, whistles, screams, and more with the sound tab. These are just a few simple easy-to-use features of Wondershare Video Editor but when you download the software, you will find dozens more to help create a beautiful looking video.

Best Video Editing Software for Laptops
Best Video Editing Software for Laptops

Once you have completed your custom video project, click the blue ‘Export’ button here to the right of the timeline. The editor will simplify the export process by what format you want to play your video on. Select device to watch your video on your iPhone, iPad, Android or other mobile device. Select format to compress the video to a specific media file extension.

You can also upload it directly to YouTube, Facebook or Vimeo, and select DVD to burn the video onto a custom DVD. You will be able to create the video for free but to watch it without a watermark, you will need to purchase and register the software. So that’s basically it!

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Best Video Editing Software for Laptops
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