How to DOWNLOAD Instagram Videos on iPhone without APP! 2020

What’s up everyone, today I’ll be showing you guys how to download Instagram videos, on basically any iOS device or an iPhone, with no app required.

This is completely free it only takes about ten seconds to download the video or even less and it’s really easy to do, so without a further ado let’s jump straight into the video.

So this is all based on Apple’s new app called shortcuts, what you need to do first, is go into the Apple App Store and download shortcuts, once you have downloaded that app, click on the first link below in the video description, to open up the shortcut and then click install or get shortcut, whatever that is.

Then proceed and enter 0, which means that the app, will auto download or autosaves videos and then click continue and then once again enter 0 to select English, as your primary language.

How to DOWNLOAD Instagram Videos
How to DOWNLOAD Instagram Videos

Then again click on continue, after you have successfully installed a shortcut called SMD, you can continue with downloading an Instagram video. To download an Instagram video with this shortcut, there are two different methods, the first one which I’ll be telling you about now is, well what you need to do is open up Instagram, pull up a video that you want to download, click the three little dots in the top corner and just click Share.

once you have done that, click on shortcut, if shortcuts are not showing, click on more, allow shortcuts and click done, click on shortcuts and that will open up the Instagram video with the shortcuts app, then click on SMD and that is the shortcut that you will use to download this Instagram video, click on it and then just click allow and the file will be open, as a new window and then just click to the share icon, in the bottom left corner, click save video and voila you have successfully downloaded an Instagram video all from your iPhone.

Now there is also a second method and this method is even easier, and the second method go like this, what you want to do is click on the link below and add this shortcut to your home screen, just click the share button or share icon, click on Add to Home screen and name the shortcut, whatever you like, I named it Instagram video downloader and what you want to do next, is go to Instagram click on the three-dot button, once you have found a video that you want to download.

How to DOWNLOAD Instagram Videos
How to DOWNLOAD Instagram Videos

Copy the video or the post, Instagram URL and once that is copied to your clipboard just click on the shortcut that is now on your home screen and the auto save feature that you have enabled earlier will allow you to instantly save the video to your camera roll.

Once you have done that, you can just go to the camera roll and do whatever you want with the video that you have just downloaded, so this is all it takes to download any Instagram video, straight from your iPhone, it’s really easy it’s really simple and it’s completely free, so hopefully guys enjoy this video if it helped you out definitely consider dropping it a like, share it with your friends and I’ll see you all next time.

How to DOWNLOAD Instagram Videos ?

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How to DOWNLOAD Instagram Videos
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